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Indy Tattoo Shop

Details: Digital Art

Size: 14" wide x 11" tall. Unframed. The Matt is archival and will fit into your 20" x 16" frame. Can be purchased framed for a small, additional price.

About: The Midwest Tattoo Company is located on Indianapolis's eastside. I love the window art. One day, while in the neighborhood, I discovered the art is on heavy curtain or panel which can be folded back. The images are reminiscent of old style carnival art. 

Limited Print Edition: 1/30

About Limited Prints:  I produce a limited number of prints, sign them, and include the year of completion and the number of prints in the series. When possible, the signature is on the (hidden) white border. If the printer provided no border, the signature is located on the back of the print. In either case, I use an archival marker. The archival markers I use won't bleed or damage the print. Signing the print is a way to guarantee the origin of the artwork during my lifetime.


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