Visiting a Frank Lloyd Wright Home

Visiting a Frank Lloyd Wright Home

The first photo I sold was View from a Corner Window. I took the photo at the John and Catherine Christian House, also known as Samara. Frank Lloyd Wright-designed the home, which was completed in 1956. It is located in the college town of West Lafayette, Indiana. The design was created near the end of Mr. Wright's career.

View From a Corner Window
View From a Corner Window

Wright named the home Samara. Samara are winged seeds found in pinecones and inspired the home's design. We called samara "copters" when I was a kid. This was because they spin like helicopter blades when the seeds fall to the ground.

Samara, the winged seed found in pinecones
Samara, the winged seed found in pinecones.

John Christian was a pharmaceutical chemistry professor at Purdue University. He raised his family in the home and lived there until he died in 2015. After Christian retired, he opened his house to tours. That tradition continued as the family donated the home for public viewing.

The tour was very personal. The woman who leads them was a friend of John Christian, making much of what she shares firsthand from the owner.

We could walk freely throughout the home, even sit on the furniture!

Chair designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
Chair designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

"The Christian family maintains the home according to the exacting specifications of its architect. As in many homes he designed, Wright specified or designed the entire environment, including the furniture, linens, and landscaping. The Christians were not initially able to purchase all the specified custom details; however, they agreed with Wright to continue adding to the home as their budget allowed." (reference, Wikipedia)

On the far left of the photo below is my boyfriend, the engineer, mentally writing his thesis on why one should never build a cantilevered fireplace. I got the sneak preview after the tour!

Being raised in the Chicago area, I sincerely appreciate architecture. I love the work of Frank Lloyd Wright to Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. I hope to visit Taliesin East this summer and plan to share lots of photos!

If you want to purchase a print of this photo, please visit the photography section of this site.  Cheers!
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