Bosch in The Sunlight

Bosch in The Sunlight

One Sunday morning, I was sorting through the photos when I looked up in time to see the play of shadow and light on a Hieronymus Bosch figure on my TV console. The figure is a replica of an imaginary being from the altarpiece The Flight and the Fall of Saint Anthony.

Altarpiece of The Flight and the Fall of Saint Anthon, by Hieronymus Bosch, 1501

Bosch has been one of my favorite painters for a very long time. I remember first seeing his work as a teenager. I was surprised by his imagery. Born in the Netherlands, Bosch lived from 1450 to 1516. Very little is known about his life, but it’s safe to say his work has stood the test of time. His topics are religious-based, but to a child of the 1960s, it has a psychedelic feel!

Detail from the Altarpiece of The Flight and the Fall of Saint Anthony, including the lovely skater figure.

As to the photo I took, I caught it at the perfect moment! I’m glad my camera was at hand; as the sunlight had moved in a matter of minutes, the interesting composition created by shadows and light was gone.

Bosch in The Sunlight

The piece isn’t strictly a photo. I chose to play with the figure, adding flitters to give the skater a more playful feel. Prints are available in the Print section of this site.

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